Over the rocks in the Estuary
102 x 74 cm Acrylics on watercolour paper

Cornwall Art Supplies

Good quality art supplies are essential, as is the framing of the paintings. Picture framing is far more than simply putting a little wood around the piece, and more than that, there is a stark difference in the standard different framers produce If you have bought or painted a new painting, the worst thing you could do is have it framed badly.

Stable Art Picture Framers in Bodmin provide excellent picture framing and art supplies Cornwall can be very proud of. Their framing work is exceptional and the range of supplies is extensive. They have a real love of art and the framing is worth travelling a for.

Based in Bodmin, they are central in Cornwall, but slightly back from the town centre, so make sure you look at their website to find their location. A region well worth visiting, with countless options in accommodation, Polzeath holiday cottages are a real treat, and Rooke Cottages are a particularly good example. Nearby, across the Camel River, you’ll arrive at Padstow. It’s not difficult to find a bed and breakfast in Padstow, but make sure you take a look at Armsyde B&B, who are one of the best!

Could almost be the Mediterranean
Acrylics on canvas